GSIP cultivates strong industry alliances and enhance professional development. As a member of GSIP (and IAIP), you will have invaluable opportunities to make business contacts with insurance underwriters, brokers, attorneys, claims specialists, risk managers, and other industry personnel throughout greater Seattle.

Remember, membership is an investment in your career and annual dues apply. We offer monthly business meetings for educational and networking purposes so members can gain industry knowledge, leadership skills and the confidence to successfully advance in their careers.

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$$ Benefits of Membership

1.  Annual Access to CE Authority’s Online Continuing Educational Courses for $27 (Annual Savings +/- $239).

  • Members have unlimited access to CE Authority’s online continuing education courses for an amazingly low annual cost of $27. Each class is otherwise priced at $19.95 each.

2.  Association Publications

  • Our association magazine, Today’s Insurance Professionals, is distributed to all members, keeping them informed on major industry issues and timely articles which help them succeed in their profession. Members also receive our electronic newsletter, The Connections, providing information on association news and exclusive member opportunities.

3.  Global Online Community and Member Directory

  • The IAIP website provides members with access to association and industry news and information. Our online community allows members from across the country to exchange ideas and learn from other industry professionals.

4.  Complimentary Educational Webinars for Members (Annual Savings +/- $140)

  • Members have exclusive access to several complimentary webinars on relevant industry topics throughout the year.

5.  Leadership Development

  • IAIP leadership training programs combined with opportunities to serve in leadership roles in the organization allows members to successfully advance in the industry. Thousands of industry professionals have participated in and benefited from our premier communications course, Confidence While Communicating.

6.  Professional Education Programs (Annual Value +/- $1,250)

  • You will be more valuable to your company because of the benefits gained from belonging to IAIP. Our professional development programs cover communication and leadership skills, selling techniques, mentoring, and industry specific programs ranging from policy coverage to policy exclusions and limitations often overlooked or misunderstood by both agents and clients.

7.  Mentoring and Industry Connections (Annual Value +/- $600)

  • Connections to business partners are available through local, council, regional and international activities. These opportunities provide you with an expanded circle of business contacts and knowledge. These industry connections help IAIP members increase their profitability and productivity. Members receive access to mentors who can advise and assist them in maximizing their career potential.

8. 10% Discount on The Institutes Course Materials

Becoming a Member

Eligibility for membership is limited to persons employed in the risk management or insurance industries or whose primary function is in risk management support or insurance functions support. The membership year is a fiscal year that begins each July 1st and ends June 30th the following year. Membership eligibility includes, but is not limited to:

For more information about becoming a member, please email us at